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Welcome Brandon Yahn

Please join Festival City Symphony in welcoming Brandon Yahn to the role of FCS Operations Director. As Principal Horn with FCS and band director with the West Bend School District, Brandon already has an intimate knowledge of music. His experience as a performing musician and teacher brings great insight and wisdom to this new position as he expands his skills in the area of arts administration.

When asked “How do you see FCS now and what is your vision for its future?” Mr. Yahn responded:

“Festival City Symphony is a fantastic organization with the mission of providing affordable access to classical music for audiences of all ages. My goal as Operations Director is to continue the great work already being done, as well as to find new ways for FCS to expand its reach to potential audience members.”

“And how do you think your experience as a music teacher and as a performing musician will contribute to your effectiveness as an Operations Director?”

“Since I am both a teacher and performing musician, I can draw on experiences from both aspects of my career to help me as I take on the role of Operations Director. As the band director of a large school program, I need to be very organized, efficient, and able to plan ahead. As a performing musician, I have had the opportunity to be a part of very successful organizations and see how they are run.”

Brandon can be reached at the new FCS email address and phone number, and 262-853-6085. Welcome, Brandon!